[Updated] Samsung Gear IconX (2018) users report volume issues

While the mainstream tech media is busy highlighting the update that Samsung is currently rolling out to enhance the functionality of Gear IconX (2018), we are here to talk about an issue that has long persisted but still missed hitting the headlines.

The wireless workout/tracking-oriented earbuds reportedly have volume-related issues.


Going by reports (1,2,3) from Galaxy S8 and Note8 users, one of the earbuds (majorly the left one) lowers down the volume after being used for some time. Some of those affected also note that earbuds pause intermittently and loose connection.

A quick go through the following user comments will give you more clarity on the matter:

On yesteday’s run I noticed the left earbud got extremely soft in volume but after a while it reset itself, today the right one is now doing it and it’s not gotten any better even after an hour of letting it sit there.

After 30 min workout they just lower the volume without any notice about it, and then it remains like this until after 1-2 hours after workout. If i try to reset them during this period, it does not change anything, still low volume on the left one, until a couple of hours after workout.

I bought a pair of Iconx a week ago and volume on left earbud dropped (very quiet and narrow sound, no bass at all) to almost inaudible after approximately 2h of listening. Got them replaced and the seconnd pair of Iconx got the same problem on both earbuds after just 1h of usage. I’m using Note 8 phone.

I am also having the same issues as you do.and the volume decrease varies from right to left arbitrarily. I have cleaned and have the !pay updated software.I don’t understand

Not only the company’s official help forum, even micro-blogging site Twitter has similar reports:


Some users also report random pauses or disconnects.

Add me to the list of people having issues with pauses/disconnects. During workouts at the gym listening to Pandora, they pause quite often. To get things going, I have to hit the play icon on Pandors. The buds are seated in my ears well, and when it pauses, I’m not jumping around or such….. just on an Elliptical

Connection is not the best – a subtle head tilt would pause whatever I’m listening too. Which is weird because I could only imagine how frustrating this must be if let’s say one is jogging/running.


Sadly, even replacements did not help, as the new units reportedly replicated the same behaviour:

I have the same issue. I have exchanged them twice sol I ama now on my third pair and the same thing happens after two hours of continuous use.

I have reset my iconx2018’s 8 times (4 times throught he software and 4 times using the indvidual rest buttion on each earpiece) and still have the low volume issue. This is my 3rd pair with the same problem.

Despite the active involvement of different Samsung moderators on the threads where the problem in question is being discussed, neither came an acknowledgement nor any fix. Only the reports continue to escalate till date.

We fail to understand, why is Samsung not addressing the problem despite being widely reported. We hope they come up with a statement sooner than later.


If you are facing any such issues with your Gear IconX (2018), drop us a comment and let us know.

Updated (June 16):

Here are some more reports (1,2,3) related to Gear IconX’s volume issues.

Updated (August 31):

Recent reports (on Samsung Community) suggest the problem hasn’t been fixed yet.

Updated (January 18 2019): Is Samsung Gear IconX (2018) faulty to the point that the earbuds should be recalled? Read our breaking coverage of the issues plaguing the accessory since its launch. Head here.

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