Latest reports suggest Google is yet to fix Pixel 2 visual banding issue

If you remember, back in November last year, a Pixel 2 issue came to light where-in videos and pictures captured through the device’s camera in LED light surroundings would show severe banding.

Then, a week later, while talking with FoneArena, a Googler confirmed there is indeed an issue with the phone’s flicker reduction feature under LED lights, and said a fix for the same will be released soon.

Q. Can we also expect a fix for the iffy flicker reduction under certain LED lights?

Brian: Yes. The camera certainly does have flicker detection and correction. We already had that in the Pixel 1 and almost every phone camera does have that. We did identify a software bug that in certain conditions and scenarios, it is possible that detection doesn’t work properly. We’ll have a fix for that out very soon.

It’s April now, but the problem hasn’t been fixed by Google. This is evident from recent user-reports complaining about the issue.

Lines appearing on Pixel 2 XL video, any ideas to why this is? from GooglePixel

Even if you take a look at the thread discussion this problem on Google Product Forum, you’ll see users are still observing banding in videos and images they capture through their device. Following are some comments from March:

I’m not happy with this. Google what a mess!!

this problem still there even I upgrade the google photo apps t 5.2(latest version release on today)

Same issue here, you can see it very easily by trying to take a picture of your monitor (I also get this in my living room when my HomeTheater projector is on).

Saw the same thing with a neon sign:


It’s worth mentioning that a handful of users did say the February update improved their experience a bit, but were quick to note that it didn’t eliminate the problem altogether. Needless to say, the March update was of no use as well.

Wonder why it’s taking so long for the company to fix a major problem like this. We hope Google takes notice of the problem and fixes it sooner than later.

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