[Updated] Google fixes Assistant's 'Voice Match' glitch

Update (August 06):

Now a new Voice Match-related issue is coming to light. A significant number of Android phone users are reporting that the ‘Ok Google’ hot word detection is not working on their devices as the options to access the ‘Voice Match’ feature have greyed out. More information here.

Update (May 16):

Going by latest reports, looks like the problem hasn’t been cured from root, as users continue to report the “Ok Google” related issue till date.

Original post:

Good news for Google Assistant users encountering “Ok Google” voice training issue where-in the process gets stuck at ‘Teach the Assistant to recognize your voice‘ screen. The company has fixed whatever was causing the glitch.

While a Google Community Manager/employee on the company’s official help forum escalated the matter to the concerned team soon after it was highlighted, this morning another Google employee (Search & Assistant Community Manager Andy) called the issue fixed, saying

We believe this issue has been fixed. Thanks again for all your reports – if you’re still experiencing issues retraining the voice model and the steps from this article don’t fix the issue, please let us know so we can continue to investigate.


The issue

The ‘Voice Match’ feature, as you may already know, allows users to teach Google Assistant to recognise their voice. But, for past couple of weeks, users have been heading to Google Search and Assistant Help forum to bring it to company’s notice that the feature was broken (1,2,3).

Going by reports, the voice training got stuck at the following screen, rendering the feature useless:


A swift glance through the following user comments will give you more clarity on the matter:

Google Assistant works when I open it manually, but I have been unable to enable “Ok Google” detection. When I press the switch to enable it, it opens up Voice Match. The ‘Teach the Assistant to recognize your voice’ screen then opens and it says ‘Say “Ok Google”‘ with a “working” spinning blue circle to the left. No matter what I say, nothing else happens.

I’m unable to train my voice for Google assistant as it keeps showing up that “the microphone is not working properly, please try again after some time

No matter how many times I say ok google it won’t move off of the top bullet point the wheel is spinning so the app isn’t frozen, and it hears me when I pull it up manually. I’ve deleted my Google activity, cleared app caches, uninstalled then reinstalled and nothing.

As Google has officially called the issue fixed, we hope you’ll now be able to voice train Assistant on your phone successfully. If not, feel free to drop us a comment.

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