[Updated] Samsung changes Premium Care enrolment rules for Galaxy S9 users

Update (March 24):

Samsung has given an official word on the matter, saying that in the coming weeks they’ll be launching the Premium Care facility for all Galaxy S9/S9+ users, regardless of where they purchase their device from. Here’s the company’s official statement:

Currently Premium Care is only available on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ devices at the time of purchase on Samsung.com. In the coming weeks, we are launching the ability to sign up for Premium Care to all customers, regardless of where they purchased their Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. We will be alerting Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ owners as soon as it is available for purchase and look forward to continuing to provide Samsung customers with in-person support at their location of choice.

Original story:

Are you an existing Galaxy S8/S8+ or Note8 customer who is planning to upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ flagships as well as purchase the company’s Premium Care feature? Well, there’s something important you should know – enrolment rules for Premium Care have been changed for Galaxy S9 users.

We have proofs – in form of info on Samsung’s official website – to second what we just said.

S9/S9+ is nowhere mentioned on Samsung Premium Care’s enrolment page


As can be seen in the above image, S9/S9+ are missing from the section which talks about eligible Samsung devices.

What Term and Services say


The Terms and Services clearly mention that for S9/S9+ users, the service is only available at the time of purchase. This is unlike Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8 users who can enrol for the same even after purchase.

FAQs page

For more clarity, the FAQs page states S9/S9+ users can enrol for the service when the unit is bought directly from Samsung, at the time of purchase.

premium care-faq

So all in all, if you want Premium Care for your Galaxy S9/S9+, make your purchase directly through Samsung, and opt for the service at the time of purchase. Any other scenario, and you’re out of luck.

Lot of users complaining

A significant number of S9 users are complaining about this on different help forums (1,2,3,4,5). Basically, affected users report that after purchasing their unit, on trying to enrol for Premium Care, they were surprised to see that there’s no option to buy the service for S9/S9+ on Premium Care’s official page.

A quick look at what Samsung Support has been telling users who reached out to them for more clarity on the matter confirms what we concluded earlier:

I performed a chat session with Samsung to inquire about this, they said that premium care for the S9 is only available if you purchase the phone directly from Samsung. Looks like I have to return this to Sams and start all over with Samsung.. ugh

This is what I heard as well when I called. The agent did tell me however, that there is a possibility they allow Premium care later for these S9s but she couldn’t “guarantee it.”

I just called Samsung. I was told the only way to get premium care on the S9 or S9+ is buy the phone from Samsung directly and add premium care when you make your purchase. If you didnt purchase it directly from Samsung and add it at the time of purchase it is not available. Maybe they will change their policy but for now, that’s how it is.

Called and they said the S9 and S9+ aren’t available yet for Premium Care.

Yes just bought my s9 and they told me there is no premium care for it.


We just hope Samsung sheds some clarity on this entire matter, and/or at least inform users right at the time of purchase, so they don’t miss their chance to enrol for the service.

Note: In case you want to know more, you can read more about Premium Care here.

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