As if the VPN-hotspot issue on T-Mobile variants of the Galaxy S9 wasn’t enough, users on the same carrier are now chiming about a major option missing from their units’ Sounds and Vibration menu – they’re talking about the Separate App Sound option, which lets you “play media sound from one app on an audio device separate from your phone’s main audio output device”.

separate app sound

A significant number of users have spotted this change, and are obviously not happy:

I am also missing this amazing feature. I miss it. My s8 had it. Google searches produce no results. What carrier are you on? I am on TMobile.

I’m also on T-Mobile. My S8+ had it, as well. Googling didn’t help me, either. I downloaded the manual, and according to it, it should be there

Some complainants even shared screenshots to back their claim:


Similar reports can be seen on micro-blogging site Twitter as well:

What’s worth highlighting is the feature is not listed on T-Mobile’s official Galaxy S9 Menu tree page, which lists the menu settings and options available for the current software version of Galaxy S9. So we can call the change pretty much official.

Confusingly however, some people have shared screenshots showing the feature is still present on their T-Mobile Galaxy S9 unit, despite being on the latest version.

We’re not sure whether or not the removal of the feature is an intended change. For its part, T-Mobile hasn’t given any word on the matter yet. We hope they address the issue sooner than later, as an important functionality is at stake here. Meanwhile, do let us know if the Separate App Sound option is gone from your S9 unit as well.

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