Google confirms communication 'error 6' issue on Android Auto

While Google Assistant and Android Auto teams’ collaborated effort quickly fixed AA’s message reading glitch, other issues plaguing Google’s in-car infotainment system are in no mood to bid adieu. Sad, but that’s how it stands currently.

Dawn of this morning brought along confirmation for another broken functionality, wherein the service is reportedly throwing incompatibility/outdated software error, stating “Android Auto encountered an error, communication error 6 – the cars software may be out of date. For details and support contact the manufacturer”.


One of the experts on the company’s official help forum, named Don (from Android Auto Team), not only acknowledged the issue, but also revealed that they are working with the Google Play Services team, presumably to debug and fix the problem.

Here’s what they said:

We are aware of the communication error 6 issue, and we’re working with the Google Play Services team. A workaround a user found is plugging into another USB port if your car has more than one. We’ll update this thread when we have an update to share.


Currently, error 6 has rendered the service useless, as actually there’s no update flashing, and hence users can’t access the service.

For more clarity on the matter, take a look at the following complaints (1,2,3,4,5,6,7):

Android auto will no longer connect to my car and is displaying the above error message with additional note ‘The cars software may be out of date’

I have a pixel XL and Audi A4. Yesterday Android auto was working perfectly. In the evening it told me to update restart to update to Android 8.1. Now when I connect I get an error: “Android Auto encountered an error, communication error 6 – the cars software may be out of date. for details and support contact the manufacturer”. My car doesn’t have the ability to update its software automatically. This is really frustrating as I use Android Auto as primary sat nav and am having to replan my trips.

I’m having the same error message communication error 6 your car software seems to be out of date my car has no way to update itself I use a Moto G4 Plus at his work great for the last 6 months when I bought the car brand new now those of the recent Android auto update it no longer connects please fix ASAP Blue Link as well as Hyundai have no idea why it’s not working it has to be a Android app issue I currently own a 2017 Hyundai Elantra limited of which it is disclosed when purchasing the car that Android auto should be compatible and functioning always

While it’s appeasing that Google’s aware of the issue, there’s no information as to how long will they take to deliver a fix. We hope they do it sooner than later. And like always, we are keeping a close watch, and will update the story in case of any further developments.

Meanwhile, an official workaround is to use another USB port (but that goes only for cars that have more than one port).

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