New update rolled out to fix OnePlus 5T overheating problem

Stock Android Oreo in itself has been one of the most unstable updates in recent times, for it gained more bad press for the large amount of broken features it brought along. Now add to this, several more problems device manufacturer tweaks introduced in the OS.

Like many other smartphone companies, OnePlus has also had a rough time after rolling out the Oreo update to its devices. Talking about the OnePlus 5T, users have been chiming about major issues like device overheating while charging. Complainants say:

Since last oreo update, phone gets warm (sometimes hot) while charging. There was no such issue before the update.

5t heat up issue while charging

The following user shared image clearly shows that their device at one point, when the temperature hit 61.6°C, was as good as a ticking bomb.


What’s good is that the company acknowledged the glitch while reverting back to one of the complaints a few hours back through their official Twitter account, saying

We rolled out an update for the OnePlus 5T to fix the issue. You may receive it in a few days as it is rolled out incrementally.

It’s worth mentioning that just last week, the OnePlus 5T received the Oxygen OS 5.0.4 update. We are not sure whether or not this is the same update that OnePlus Support is referring to in their tweet.

Aaaand, looks like the problem is not specific to the OnePlus 5T, as OnePlus 5 users are also complaining about the same.

While the company has officially pushed out an update to fix the overheating issue with OnePlus 5T, they haven’t said anything about any similar issue concerning some OnePlus 5 units. Are you also facing any such issues on your OnePlus 5/5T units? If so, don’t forget to drop us a comment.

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