AT&T Note 8 user gets Oreo, Samsung moderator says rollout has started

Looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Oreo update roll out is as close as it can get. In fact, at-least one Note8 user recently confirmed (on Samsung’s official forums) their unit received an OTA update that bumped the Android version to Oreo.

So who’s note 8 updated to oreo. I noticed the other day I had an update followed steps and updated. What I thought was weird is that the phone did a reset and I had to redo everything. I was out of town and forgot my gear watch charger so after charging it I tried to connect to my watch which failed every time saying I needed to update gear software. I tired and nothing worked. So I looked at what version of android I was running and saw my phone updated to 8.0 oreo . I checked online and I guess Samsung hasn’t released oreo to the note 8 yet.

The user is in the US and is an AT&T customer. Here’s the screenshot they shared, revealing their device is now running Oreo.


On the look out for more information on the matter, we stumbled upon a brand new thread on the Samsung forum where-in someone asked when the Note 8 will get Oreo, and a Samsung moderator replied in the following way:

Oreo is rolling out in many regions already. Others will be in the next month.

Wait, what? The update has already started rolling out? Well, hold your horses we’d say. For one, the moderator’s statement could be generic (as in, Oreo is already rolling out to Galaxy S8/S8+), and secondly, when we did some more research, we found other official Samsung channels are still denying having any info on the rollout. For example:

Plus, when the user who got the update got in touch with AT&T and Samsung to know what’s going on, they were told the update hasn’t been released:

I spoke with Samsung and att both have told me they haven’t released any oreo update. My update came in like any ota update.

So it’s very much possible that this is the case of AT&T accidentally pulling the trigger. But on the contrary, it could also be possible that a very slow roll out has already begun but is yet to be made official.

Oh, and yes, one good news: the update has got a thumbs up from the user who received it. Here’s what they have to say about it:

So far everything is working great phone actually runs smoother. Battery life has gone way up. Only a few apps are loading slower but I’m guessing its because they haven’t updated to see the 8.0 OS. Camera runs smoother and feels faster. There are more settings to tweak with now which I like. Messenger got a overhaul and so did the keyboard which I kinda like. I always used swiftkey and I don’t think I’ll go back. So far everything is stable.

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