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PiunikaWeb affect? Motorola is waving off the $50 repair fee that the company was earlier charging for fixing the ShaterShield issue.

Like all Motorola phones, the Moto Z2 Force edition goes through extensive accelerated life testing to help ensure it will stand up to the rigors of everyday life as part of its qualification for shipment. A small number of customers have reported the protective lens liner peeling on their Moto Z2 Force edition. Our standard policy for replacing the protective lens liner due to cosmetic damage is to offer a Liner Replacement Service for a nominal fee of $49.99. We believe these incidents are contained to a minimal quantity and will waive the fee for the affected consumers

Original story:

The biggest selling point of Moto Z2 Force was its ShatterShield screen, claimed to be practically unbreakable. Not even half a year, and a lot of users are already complaining about it for various reasons. First it was the scratch-gate, and now a far more serious problem is coming to light – the protective layer is coming off without users doing anything crazy.

A significant number of Moto Z2 Force users have been reporting about the ShatterShield layer of their units weirdly peeling off, mostly around the home button/fingerprint sensor area and the corners of screen in some cases (as can be seen in the following user-shared images).


Following is a selection of user-comments explaining the matter in question:

Moto Z2 Force screen pealing off after two months of normal use

This morning, I noticed that my Z2 Force Screen Shield was coming off. At first, I thought it was the screen shield I applied to it – but when I took mine off, that’s when I noticed that it was a manufacturer screen shield! It was a pain to get off and actually cut my finger a few times from getting the adhesive screen off

I’m having the same issue but it’s the border around the entire screen. It’s mostly peeling around speaker which cuts my ear! So annoyed…

Mine is also, but in the upper right corner of the phone. I would love for Motorola to place a screen protector on my phone that will stay on, without lifting off or cracking, because the screen on this phone isn’t even close to being flat. I am so so severely disappointed with this phone

Definitely a defect and a common one at that. I foresee a class action suit. My top layer just started lifting away also

I have had this screen issue like everyone else. I’ve had this phone only a few months. My phone looks like Garbage with the peeling screen. Mine started top left and i have to speak on speaker phone. If i use it held to my ear the plastic is annoying as it constantly pokes my ear and face. I do not want to peel it off because the glue under it is a nightmare to remove

The phone’s plastic layer is coming off. I am pretty sure it has to do with how hot the phone gets when it is charging. The phone gets particularly hot if you have a moto mod attached to the phone while charging (projector that came with phone as promo.) the plastic layer pulls up from the edges by itself and then curls, you have to tear off the pieces or get stuck in the ear by them when your on the phone. the adhesive sticks to your hair and ear and is untolerable. Unfortunately, this phone is not “for those who do”

I am running into the same issues. The shatter shield started to separate and came off leaving a residue which cannot be removed and affects the functionality of the phone

In fact, one of the affected users ended up ruining their device trying to figure out whether it was the ShatterShield layer or the screen guard that was coming off.


The reports aren’t limited to Lenovo and other help forums, as micro-blogging site Twitter is flooded with such complaints as well.


Some of the affected users also shared what they got to hear from Motorola/Lenovo Support on the matter – most were told that the repair would cost about $50, despite support staff acknowledging in some cases that it’s a known defect with the phone.

I’ve had my Z2 Force since the middle of August, have always had a screen protector on it, and yet the shattershield is already starting to peel off around the corner of my phone. I paid $800 for this phone and it already looks like junk because of the screen. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Motorola/Lenovo support, and was told that my only option was to send my phone back to them and they would replace the screen, but it would be a $50 charge. WTH?? And the funny thing is, is that the last “escalated tech” that I talked to, Kimberly, admitted that this is a known defect in the Z2 Force and that she herself has spoken to numerous other people who have experienced the same thing. Soooooo…… a brand new phone, a known defect, but yet you want to charge the customer $50 to have it fixed, AND I would be without my phone for 5-7 days? How the heck does that seem “okay”???

Motorola support wanted $49 and for me to mail it in for repair. Not only does the outer layer peal off with normal use, it scratches super easy. There isnt much benefit from a nonbreakable screen when its all scratched up because its made of soft plastic

I called the Motorola Support line for help on this issue. They charged me a $50 device repair fee that would cover the shattershield replacement

I have spoke with Motorola and nothing will be done all they want to do is charge me $50 for a screen protector to be put on. I have been a long time customer and I am not happy . This is ridiculous I’ve had my phone 2 months . The screen is peeling and they will not fix it. I have a warranty the screen is supposed to be shatter proof ha it scratches easily , fine I’ll out a screen protector on. But the fact that it’s peeling even with having a screen protector on is ridiculous. Motorola needs to find a fix for this asap it should not happen and when it does they should stand behind the product!

I took my phone to Verizon, Assurion says 200 bucks for my deductable to fix this phone and its only 2 months old. Lenovo wont stand by there products like they used to. “for those who do… ha!” and want us to pay for the crappy workmanship to get it fixed. 50 bucks… how bout they just get a taste of everyone here filing class action and then they can recall ALL of them

One of the complainants also shared the email they received from Motorola addressing the matter in question:


The MotoAgents and MotoAdmins (on the official Lenovo forum) have been quite actively addressing the complainants. One of the MotoAgents said

We have a replacement in place however, there will be a fee. If you wish to continue with the process, please contact our Customer Support at 1-800-734-5870

One of the MotoAdmins said

Hi. I want to update this a bit. You can still call if you like, and there may be a fee. But our team is going to just go ahead and reach out to those of you reporting liner problems. Watch for emails or other contacts and we’ll get this straightened out

And lastly a Senior MotoAgent added:

To the new users who have this issue, kindly call 1-800-734-5870 (Motorola toll free number) from Mon-Fri 7AM-10PM; Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM CST for assistance. We changed the process since we were not successful in getting in touch with customers who provided their information via PM

Coming to replacements, even the new units were highly disappointing for many of those who got them.

Im on my 5th replacement since July due to this issue. ive been soley a motorola owner since the original droid but this is absolutely unacceptable. Verizon has done right by me and sent out warranty replacements no issues. my first one back in July they refered me to motorola but now they acknowledge the issue are taking care of it it seems. The one I got replaced this week wasnt actually peeling at the right corner like the others. instead the edge of the screen where the volume controls are was starting the separate as you could push down with your finger and that cloudy ugly loose adhesive would move around and it looked terrible

Im on my 3rd warranty replacement from verizon as the screen has peeled up on the top right corner in just a couple weeks on both. the problem is its a design flaw

At least a couple of users mentioned that the company is replacing/repairing their unit’s ShatterShield screen free of cost. But we are not sure whether its a change in company’s policy or some stray cases.

Moto reached back out to me this evening. I believe they will repair the shattershield free of charge, but I will be using an old backup phone for close to a week. To be continued…

I spoke with a customer service representative at Motorola today and they requested that I ship my phone back and they would replace my Shatter-Shield or replace my phone at no cost

To conclude, another $50 for the display of a $800, in-warranty device, and that too for a feature which was aimed at avoiding screen related damages is quite ironic to say the least. Drop us a comment sharing your experience in case you have also been encountering shattershield-related issues.

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