iOS 11.2.5 fixes iPhone X haptic feedback click sound issue, 11.3 to fix GPS problems

Apple has received a lot of bad press ever since iOS 11 was publicly released last year. Reason being, the new OS version brought along a lot of issues, including those auto-correction problems one of which was first highlighted by us.

Thankfully, the Cupertino-based company has been fixing known problems with every new iOS 11.x.x release. And now, we can confirm the same for a couple of more issues, one of which has been fixed in iOS 11.2.5, while fix for the other one will be there in the iOS 11.3 release.

So let’s discuss these problems one by one.

iPhone X haptic feedback click sound problem fixed

Starting iOS 11.2, iPhone X users have been complaining about a weird clicking sound caused by haptic feedback. Reported use-cases mostly describe the sound occurring while swiping up from the bottom to close the control center. The following video clearly shows what type of sound people are talking about:

Well, after a wait of nearly a couple of months, the issue has been finally fixed. Several of those who have been complaining about the problem are now confirming that the problem has been resolved, with the fix being included in the recently released iOS 11.2.5.

iOS 11.2.5 appears to have solved this issue! After updating I am only experiencing a normal smooth haptic feedback.

With 11.2.5 is totally fixed !!

For me, the new update to 11.2.5 solved it for me. No more loud clicking noise when I dismiss control center.

Tested and the haptic bug is now resolved by updating to 11.2.5 today

While that’s certainly good news, we stumbled upon a Reddit thread where yet another user was confirming that the problem has been fixed in iOS 11.2.5, but they also highlighted a new use-case where they could still hear the same sound.

So remember that “clicking sound” we had when dismissing the control centre? With iOS 11.2.5, it’s finally gone! But I’m still experiencing it when receiving a notification. For example, if I were to receive a text notification banner that comes from the top of the screen and I dismiss it after it vibrates, I get that exact same clicking sound. Anyone else?!

At-least one more user confirmed this use-case on the same thread. We aren’t sure about this use-case as we can’t reproduce it our end. Are you also observing the same? If yes, drop us your observation in comments below.

GPS problems fix incoming

Coming to the second issue, for the past several months now, iPhone users running iOS 11 and up have been complaining about GPS related problems. Reported use cases vary, with some saying GPS fails to register and reflect their movement correctly, while others complaining that GPS does not work at all for them.

Note: Mainstream tech media highlighted the issue back in November, saying iOS 11.2 would fix these GPS problems. However sadly, that didn’t happen, as users continue to report location related issues.

One complainant – who was facing the problem of GPS being unreliable in specific areas including tunnels, subways, and trains – recently revealed they had directly reported their issue to Apple back in September 2017 through the company’s official feedback channel. And last week, they received a reply from Apple, saying the problem will be fixed in iOS 11.3.


While that’s certainly good news, what’s not clear at the moment is whether or not iOS 11.3 would also address several other GPS-related problems iPhone users have been reporting. For those who can’t wait to get their problem solved, it’s worth mentioning that Apple has recently made available developer preview build of iOS 11.3. So if possible, try installing that, and see if your GPS issue gets resolved.

Oh, and yes, don’t forget to comment here in case your problem persists.

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