Pixel 2 users with headphone adapter issues might have to RMA dongle

If you can recall, Google acknowledged the headphone adapter not working issue plaguing its flagship Pixel 2 device in the second half of December 2017. While the company earlier said that the problem will be addressed in a future OTA update, now they have added ifs and buts, revealing that the complainants might have to get their adapters replaced.

Going by the company’s latest word on the matter, what’s now coming to light is that the adapter glitch will be fixed with an upcoming update if only the problem can be temporarily resolved with a reboot. If that’s not the case, it means the problem is hardware-related, and hence you’ll have to go for a replacement.

Following is Google employee Orrin’s recent statement:

If it’s a software issue, you can occasionally resolve the issue by rebooting your device. This should help with the inconsistency in he short term, and a software update will be rolling out in the future for a more permanent solution

If rebooting the device doesn’t work, it might be a hardware issue and you can contact our 1:1 support team to work out specifics for a replacement adapter


So in case you own a Pixel 2 unit, and have been facing issues with the included USB-C headphone adapter, check if rebooting fixes the glitch temporarily, else you are advised to contact Google support to fetch a replacement dongle.

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