[Updated] Motorola confirms Moto X4 wifi issues, limited Alexa support

Update (February 09):

One of the Senior MotoAgents recently updated that those facing WiFi issues need to update the Google WiFi app to v9000.84.0.


We would like to mention that firstly, the version of Google WiFi app referred to by the MotoAgent is an old one, so you’ll probably have to roll back. And secondly, some of the affected users said they do not have any such app installed on their units. So it’s difficult to comment whether the solution will work for all or not.

Original story:

Motorola’s mid range flagship device Moto X4 that debuted in the later half of 2017 has now caught our sight for two new issues. To begin with, WiFi connectivity issues plague the device, and secondly, some of Alexa’s basic features like messaging/calling aren’t supported on the phone.

Both issues have now been officially acknowledged by the company.

WiFi issues

Talking about the WiFi glitch, there’s a mixed bag of complaints. While some users report that the WiFi connection drops randomly, others say it either wouldn’t connect unless on guest network, or connect to the main network, then drop and fail to reconnect to the same network.

It’s worth stressing that the complaints are being put across by users of the Android One variant of the phone mostly while the device on a mesh network.


The aforementioned problem should not be confused with the WiFi issue plaguing Google’s flagship Pixel 2 phones (on mesh network), as Moto X4 users have confirmed that their other Android devices run without any glitches on the same WiFi network.

Thankfully, Motorola is aware of the issue and investigating it. One of the MotoAgents on the company’s official help forum recently confirmed the WiFi connectivity problem, saying

Our Engineers are working on this

Here’s their complete statement:


While it’s relieving the problem is being worked on, there’s no known time line as to how long will it actually take to fix what’s broken.

Limited Alexa support

Coming to the second issue, a Moto X4 user recently brought it to the company’s notice that Alexa – when asked to send a text or call someone – throws notifications like “Messaging with Alexa is not supported on this device”.


Soon after the user reported the matter, a Motorola Admin on the company’s official forum confirmed that Moto X4’s support for Alexa is limited. In addition, they also said even the Alexa Mod for the company’s Z series phones also lacks this functionality.

It is complicated. And you are correct that it’s not supported on the Moto Alexa app, or on the Alexa Mod for the Z phones

As an alternative, they suggested using the official Amazon Alexa app, which supports these features, but agreed that you and your contacts need to have Echo devices for this to work. So, needless to say, this isn’t a feasible solution.


The point we are trying to highlight here is when Moto X4 was announced no such limitation was revealed by the company. Reputed publication ‘The Verge’ carried the Moto X4 announcement story on their website saying the phone will support all features that Alexa offers on Echo devices.

Here is the exact excerpt we are referring to:

The Moto X4 will be able to respond to “Alexa” voice commands, even when locked, and access the abilities that Alexa offers on the Echo and other devices

In case you aren’t aware, Echo devices gained messaging/calling ability back in May, 2017, and Moto X4 arrived in September that year.

We also managed to dig out an official Motorola support page with details on Moto X4’s Alexa compatibility, and found no such limitation being mentioned there. Take a look:


So it’s apparent that Motorola didn’t reveal this limitation while marketing the phone, and now that it has come to light, we expect the company to at least offer a statement to clear the air on the matter.

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