Google confirms Backup and Sync's issue with AppData folders on Windows

While there are multiple issues plaguing Backup and Sync – the common client of Google Drive and Google Photos – new ones keep showing up every now and then. One such problem has recently got confirmation from Google, viz. the client fails to sync the folders/flies kept in C Drive’s AppData folders to cloud.

Just in case you aren’t aware, AppData is a user-specific hidden folder used by Windows applications to store their data/settings. What’s being reported by Backup and Sync users is that when the destination folder (say, C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming) is synced, the client reflects that the folder has been synced (displays a green tick on the main folder), but when checked on cloud, it only shows the parent folder without any content.

Here’s how one of the affected users explains the issue:


The following user shared image clearly shows the use case in question:


While the problem was reported back in September 2017, it got acknowledged recently. Google employee Rishi confirmed the aforementioned issue, further filing a bug report.

Thanks for raising this issue. I’ve filed a bug with the team


It’s good that the problem has been successfully brought into Google’s attention, but sadly, there’s no information as to how long will it take for the company to fix it. We hope they do it sooner than later. Rest, we suggest you to stay tuned for all related developments on the matter in question.

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