A lot of iPhone X users reporting overheating and unexpected data consumption issues

For most of us, the freezer section of refrigerators are the store house of ice creams for midnight cravings. Aren’t they? But for iPhone X owners, it’s the new residence of their $1,000 possession, for their overheated devices are in no mood to cool down.

My wife’s iPhone X overheated last night and failed. The phone is so hot I could barley hold it. I have tried to restart, and connect to iTunes. It will not register being connected, and is frozen on the notification screen. It won’t cool down, even placed it in the freezer.


The overheating problem is being reported since iPhone X’s arrival, both on the official Apple support and Reddit, as well as Twitter. But the issue hasn’t been highlighted by the main stream tech media yet. And just to let you know, this roasting-toasting iPhone X behavior has nothing to do with YouTube this time.

A significant number of iPhone X users are trying to figure out why their newly-bought devices are excessively heating up, without them doing anything crazy – some even say their unit overheated while it was in their pocket.

Reports say units don’t even throw temperature warnings, a notification mechanism that’s in place for overheating scenarios.


The following video shows an overheated iPhone X unit – as confirmed by disabled flash/torch. The phone notifies high temperature problem only when the camera app is used (at 0:24 seconds).

Unsurprisingly, in some cases this overheating of devices ends up draining the battery as well.


Going by the reports, maximum heat dispenses near the Apple logo on the back of the phone. Some of the affected also note crashing of apps, while some blame mobile data for overheating.

Following is the selection of tweets chiming about the same problem:


It’s worth mentioning that in some cases – where after heating up, the phone refused to boot up despite doing all possible troubleshooting – Apple silently provided replacements.


Unexpected mobile data consumption

The story doesn’t end here. As the title of the article says, overheating is not the only issue plaguing Apple’s latest flagship device. Another one is, iPhone X eating up excessive mobile data, even with data disabled. Like really? Now that’s head-spinning.

Considering the glitch is being reported by hundreds of iPhone X owners, the problem becomes worth highlighting. And you know what, one of the affected users said when they approached Apple, the company said iPhone X features some enhancements that might use mobile data even when it’s turned off.

Apple has given me no answers, other than the fact that the iPhone X has enhancements that might use cellular data regardless of a wifi connection.

Here’s a more detailed explanation from the complainant in question:

Almost all of my apps have their data usage turned off, I have always had WIFI assist and iCloud drive turned off, as well as background app refresh. It doesn’t seem to matter if I am connected to WIFI, the phone seems to still love to eat up the data. Apple has given me no answers, other than the fact that the iPhone X has enhancements that might use cellular data regardless of a wifi connection. But for these enhancements to use so much that I have to actually turn off my data is ridiculous… They haven’t been able to give me a more reasonable answer.

mobile data

From Apple Community to Reddit, the affected users are taking to different forums complaining about this unexpected and unwanted cellular data usage costing them extra bucks every month. For some, the aforementioned problem persisted despite changing their iPhone X device, which seems logical after Apple’s explanation we highlighted earlier.

Some of the complainants also took to Twitter to bring the issue to light:


Officially, there has been no statement or comment from Apple PR on both overheating and data consumption issues. Meanwhile, the number of complaints are escalating. We hope Apple addresses both the problems sooner than later, as none of the users bought their latest flagship device to struggle with issues every now and then.

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