Sony Xperia XZ Premium Oreo update broke volume/camera controls, triggered battery drain

Ever since the Oreo upgrade, Sony Xperia flagship device holders have been cribbing about multiple issues – volume and camera buttons not working, compromised battery life, UI lag, and device overheating – effectively ruining their user experience.

To start with, two problems are being commonly put across by Xperia XZ Premium, XZs and XZ users: firstly, either one or both volume buttons have ceased to work, and secondly, the camera button doesn’t work.




Needless to say, the volume glitch prevents users from controlling sound while listening to music or during calls. It’s worth pointing out that an Xperia XZ Premium user recently mentioned that the volume button issue cropped up immediately after installing Android 8.0, then was temporarily fixed with the second update, and broke again with the next update.


Other Oreo triggered issues that caught our sight are high battery drainage and UI lag affecting Xperia XZ Premium devices.


While digging in deep we could also locate complaints about device over heating.



Despite being continuously reported for weeks now, these issues appear to have failed to capture Sony’s attention, as the company hasn’t said anything officially about them. We hope Sony offers some clarity on the matter soon. Meanwhile, we are keeping a close eye on all related developments, and will keep updating as and when anything news worthy occurs.

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