After the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was found to be having a serious battery issue, another problem – this time with the company’s Galaxy S8/S8+ phones – has come to light.

What’s being chimed by affected users across the official Samsung Community and Reddit is that the screen of their units keeps waking up by itself for no reason, like in every 10 seconds (or so), bingeing on the battery of their devices in the process.


Following is a user-shared video which clearly showcases the matter in question at 00:21 seconds and again at 00:40 seconds:

Here’s another video showing the random waking up of the screen every few seconds:

Some of the users who tried debugging the problem confirmed that the issue persisted even in safe mode.


In fact, one of the users also confirmed that while the phone is in a Samsung flip case, the screen wakes up, and continues to stay that way even after the case is closed. Unsurprisingly, this consumed a massive amount of battery (about 50-60%) overnight.


The following video clearly shows the flip case scenario:

It’s worth mentioning that we came across a few reports where even some Galaxy Note8 users are also complaining about the same issue.


Though the problem has been reported for quite long, there has been no official word from the company so far. However, we really hope they fix the issue sooner than later.

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