Technology is often seen as a potential source of solution to most (if not all) of the mighty problems the world is facing today. However, when it comes to global warming, products from some companies seem to be supplementing the issue.

We’re talking about Samsung here. After the Galaxy Note7 fiasco last year, now it has come to light that some of the company’s televisions are also heating up to the point of melting, risking the safety of customers in the process.

No no, this ain’t a joke. Samsung LED TVs – 6200/6300 series – owners are going bonkers over their TV screens overheating//burning/ melting. Take a look at some of the user shared pictures to catch hold of what’s being reported:




The issue may have originally popped up last year, but it continues to be heavily reported by a large number of Samsung smart TV users till date. Majority of those affected report that their TV somehow starts to heat up, further melting the bottom left or right corner of the panel, and also emitting a burning smell in the process.

One of the affected user even recorded the whole overheating process their Samsung TV (Model no UN50J6200) underwent, clearly showcasing the melting problem.

In the first video, once the TV is turned on, vertical bars show up at 00:31, immediately followed by a pixelated edge, and then burning/melting occurring (at 00:57) near the bottom left corner of the TV screen. In fact, more vertical bars add up before the user finally turns off the TV (at 01:26).

The second video was captured by a security camera installed in the same room. You can see the issue starting 01:02 onwards – whiteness can be seen creeping from the left corner of the TV screen, which eventually enlarges (at 02:47). Adding to it, the display colors begin to vary (kind of flicker between dark/light) after 06:32 (more frequently around 06:53 and 10:04), following which the display finally dies at 12:57. Once the display goes out, the burnt corner appears like a white bubble, and eventually turns blue (13:52).

It’s worth stressing that despite the issue being mainly reported with Samsung TV 6200/6300 series, it’s not limited to these models only. Some users have reported the same problem on models like 5200, 5300, 5500, 6200, 6350 and 6400, 6900, 7200 as well.

In addition to Samsung’s official help forum, users on Twitter have also been chiming about the same problem:

With the issue running for more than a year now, a Samsung moderator recently addressed the problem, stating that it has been escalated, which usually suggests that its a genuine issue, and has been brought into the company’s notice.

Here’s what they said apart from asking for a private message for further assistance:


On the official help forum, multiple Samsung moderators are involved with users facing this problem, actively addressing them and offering tech repair (screen or front panel replacement) in many cases.

However, as clear from some of the tweets above, not everyone knows about these available replacement channels. Not to mention the problem also poses threat to user safety. So we hope the company officially acknowledges the issue and provides affected users with steps to follow.

Meanwhile, and as always, we are keeping a close watch on the matter, and will keep updating you about all related developments as and when they occur.

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