Why isn't Apple fixing iOS notification text overflow/overlap issues?

Recently, we came across some tweets, where-in those with devices running iOS 11 – even as latest as 11.2 – were putting across notification display related problems.


So, we thought of digging deep, and were able to locate some threads – both on the official Apple forum and Reddit – where users were complaining about notification display behaving erratic. While some have been complaining about text overflow, others are observing notification overlap issues.

See for yourself:


Talking about overflow, what’s being reported is that the notification text – for the messages displayed on lock screen – spills outside the dedicated area.

While it initially appeared so, the problem isn’t iOS 11 specific. Here’s a user tweet dated back to April that suggests the issue stands un-addressed since iOS 10 at-least.

It’s also worth mentioning the text overflow isn’t limited to notifications – screen shot shared by users indicate the problem is generic in nature.


So that was about overflow. In addition, users have also been complaining about notification overlaps or one cutting into the other. The following user shared screenshots confirm the overlap problem.


What’s baffling is that the company as big as Apple is not fixing these basic notification related glitches, despite them being widely reported for long. We can only hope the iPhone maker will consider the matter worth addressing, and fix these issues sooner than later.

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