Samsung has confirmed that it’s currently looking into the wireless charging issues reported by users of its Galaxy S8 flagship smartphones. The confirmation came from a Samsung moderator while replying to an affected user in a thread on the company’s official forums.

Here’s what the moderator exactly said:

We’ve seen several threads here on the Community talking about this one. Some people do say that if you have the charger in dock mode that you can still get it to work by having the phone laying on it’s side, but that can sometimes be a bit hit or miss too. This is something that’s being looked into and I’ll be sure to add you to the list of people who reported it.


So basically, in this particular case, the complainant is encountering the problem while trying to charge the phone with the wireless charger in dock mode.

But as you might already know, this isn’t the only use-case where Galaxy S8 users are encountering wireless charging issues. We found – and as the moderator also confirmed – there are multiple Samsung forum threads that are discussing such issues, and some of them were initiated way back in April this year.

Agreed, mainstream tech media highlighted Galaxy S8 wireless charging issues in April itself, but the South Korean tech giant didn’t officially offer any word on this until now. So in that context, it’s an important development that an official Samsung source has confirmed that the company is looking into the matter, although it’s difficult to say whether or not the investigation covers all reported use-cases.

Sadly, there’s still no information on when the wireless charging problems for the Galaxy S8 will be fixed, although now that Samsung has started working on the problem, we’re hopeful that we’ll get to hear more on the matter sooner than later.

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