Google finally fixes recurring reminders issue with Android Wear 2.0

Back in June this year, Android Wear 2.0 users brought to notice that recurring reminders were getting done automatically without any user input. Basically, reminders set through the Google app first show up, but then go missing from the feed/notification shade (both on phone and smartwatch) without the user doing anything. They are displayed as done when checked.

So far, the efforts made by Google to mend the bug did not fall in place – the company offered a fix earlier, but it could not eradicate the problem. However today, Google employee Ernest – who is also the Community Manager at Android Wear Help Forum – updated users that the ‘reminders marked as done’ issue has finally been taken care of.


As you can see, the company says it’s a must for users to update to the latest version of the Google app (on phone, watch, and all other devices) for the fix to work.

Also, if you remember, the company already said that the ‘time to leave card’ issue is related to the aforementioned reminders glitch.


So, we are assuming that both problems have now been fixed.

P.S. ‘Time to leave card’ are alerts that pop-up notifying users that it’s time to leave for a Calender event.

Just to give you a little background, the problem was originally reported back in June on the official Android Wear help forum. As the number of complaints piled up, Google officially acknowledged the issue on July 17. On August 8, the company rolled out a fix as part of Google app’s version 7.8.

But sadly, the fix failed to cure the problem, as users continued reporting the same despite updating to version 7.8 of the app. Sensing the urgency of the matter, Google swung back to action and updated the affected users on August 12 that the problem was still persistent.

As mentioned earlier, after keeping mum for a while, Google has now called the issue fixed. Let’s hope this turns out to be the final nail in this problem’s coffin.

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