[Update: fixed] Google investigating Assistant's audio-detection failure with Bluetooth headsets

Updete 2(November 30):

Google has fixed Assistant’s audio-detection issue in the latest update of Google App. Here’s what Orrin (Google employee and Community Manager at Pixel User Community) said while breaking the news today:

We want to let you all know that this issue is resolved in the latest update of the Google App. It will continue to roll out over the next few weeks


Update 1 (November 01):

Google is actively investigating Assistant’s audio-detection issue.


Original story below:

Recently, Redditors brought to notice yet another issue with Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphone, where-in Google Assistant doesn’t detect audio through a Bluetooth headset after it’s launched by squeezing the phone.

As some of you may already know that Pixel 2’s ‘Active Edge‘ feature facilitates the device’s squeezable frame to launch Google Assistant with a mild press, even when the phone’s screen is locked (as can be seen in the following GIF).


What’s being reported is that on squeezing the device, Assistant gets active but does not respond to the voice command, despite appropriate settings. Both Pixel 2 and 2 XL users trying to access Assistant through Bluetooth headsets note that Assistant’s prompt shows up along with the sound, but after that it doesn’t register the voice command and eventually closes.

As the issue is with Active Edge, which is a star feature of Google’s flagship phones, it was right away addressed by Google, with company employee Orrin (who is also the Community Manager at the official Pixel User Community) asking the affected users for details.


Furthermore, this morning, he asked the complainants to submit bug reports to help the company investigate the matter in detail, something which usually conveys that the company is taking the problem on priority and actively investigating it.


If Assistant is behaving deaf for you as well, the best you can do at the moment is to reach out to Google (here), and share a bug report with them.

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