[Update: fixed] Sony Xperia XZ1 users reporting random reboots [updated]

Update (February 05):

Google has fixed the problem, and will be rolling out the fix in a future build. More information here.

Update (October 23):

The issue has been brought into Google’s notice. Here’s the link to the report on the company’s official bug tracking website.

Original story below:

Sony Xperia users (at-least some) are regretting their decision of investing in the company’s latest XZ1 flagship series of smartphones. Reason? the devices are experiencing random reboots.

What’s being put across by the affected users is that the XZ1 randomly freezes while using different applications, and then restarts itself. This happens not once or twice, but multiple times a day.


Though users report that the freeze-restart sequence creeps in randomly, most of them encounter it while using WhatsApp, Bluetooth, mobile camera, or re-dialing a call from the call log (no problem while dialing a call directly from contacts).

Some of the users have also been tweeting about the same, hoping the company would take notice.


According to the complainants, there’s no recognizable pattern as to what causes the reboot, and even things like software repair or factory reset doesn’t fix the problem in question. While majority of users are facing the issue on XZ1 Compact, some are reporting reboots on XZ1 as well.

For two weeks now, complaints have been pouring in on the official Xperia Support forum, XDA as well as Twitter, but Sony hasn’t officially said anything on this. For now, we are keeping a tab on the issue, and will keep you updated about any related-development in future.

PS: Sony Xperia XZ1 series comes with Android Oreo installed, and as you might already know, Android 8.0 is causing some phones (including Google’s very own Pixels) to reboot. So it could be possible that the XZ1 reboot issue is also due to Oreo.

Thanks for the tip, Seo Nachbar.

Xperia Support forum | XDA 1 2 | Twitter

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