[Updated] Google starts investigating Android Oreo's alarm clock issues reported by Pixel users

Update (December 18):

The issue continues to persist, as despite updating to the latest version of Google Clock (5.2), users continue to report the problem.

Update 2 (November 17):

Google Clock (v5.2) has started rolling out. We hope it’s the pill that the affected users have been looking for. Here’s what Google employee Orrin said lately:

The issue will be fixed with the Google clock update (v5.2) that is rolling out now


Update 1 (November 16):

The next update of Google Clock (v5.2) will fix the ‘alarms not going off’ issue on Pixel. Here’s what Google employee Orrin’s latest post says:

This issue should be resolved with the Google Clock update (version 5.2) that will be rolling out over the next few days.


Original story below:

It was late last month when main stream tech media picked up and highlighted the alarms not going off on Android Oreo issue. And now, weeks later, Google has finally considered the issue worth its time, as the company has officially started investigating it (acknowledging the problem in the process).

Google employee Orrin, who is also the Community Manager on Pixel User Community, started a separate thread about the issue yesterday (something which doesn’t happen everyday, mind you), asking users to share their use-cases.


Complaints about alarm failure mainly on Oreo-powered Pixel phones started pouring in back in September. While some reported that alarms ditched and went off only occasionally, others stressed that alarms never showed up when set through the company’s Clock app.

The following screenshots, shared by users, give a clear picture of missed alarms notifications:


Users shared detailed observations as well. For example, one of the users said the alarm volume gets silenced automatically, unless fixed by disabling vibration on alarm and then rebooting the device. Other noted that when one alarm is muted with volume sliders, all other alarms get muted as well. Another affected user shared the issue appears to creep in only when the alarm is set using custom ringtones.

So clearly, there are multiple scenarios where the problem shows up.

With varied reported use-cases, it seems catching hold of the root cause of the issue might take time, especially because Google isn’t able to reproduce it consistently. Meanwhile, the company is asking for more bug reports.


For now it’s relieving that Google has started debugging the problem. Keep your self connected here, as we’ll notify you as and when the issue is resolved.

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