Update 2 (October 20):

This morning, a Google employee updated one of the relevant threads that the company has identified a fix regarding the messaging glitch, which will be incorporated in the November Security OTA.

Here’s the complete statement:


Update 1 (October 17):

Google has acknowledged the issue with incoming messages reported by Pixel users. Here’s what Google employee Orrin, who is also a Community Manager at the official Pixel forum, said today:


Original story below:

It has come to light that several users of Google’s Pixel smartphones have been reporting an issue with inbound messages for past few weeks. Specifically, users say their devices have stopped receiving text messages ever since they installed the Oreo update.


Those facing the problem say the issue affects both SMS and MMS, and is irrespective of whether you are using the default SMS app or any other messaging app (like Verizon Message+).

Be it Google’s own help forums, Reddit, or other third-party forums, the issue is being reported everywhere, suggesting the problem is widespread.


Also, it’s apparently not limited to a carrier or region, as from Verizon and T-Mobile users in the US, to those on Rogers in Canada, to even some Optus customers in Australia are all facing the same problem. However, those on Verizon seem to be affected the most. There’s even a dedicated thread discussing this problem on the carrier’s official website.


And the fresh piece of news is that both Google and Verizon are now investigating the problem. This information came today in the form of a post from a top contributor at Google Product Forums. Here’s what they said:

I can confirm that this issue is being investigated on both ends by Verizon and Google


Sadly, there’s currently no information on exactly when a fix will arrive, and how non-Verizon users will benefit from it. As for workarounds, the only option that has worked so far for some users is factory reset. So you can try that if it’s not a deal-breaker for you.

Google Forums 1 2 | Reddit 1 2 3 4 | Verizon

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