Google silently updates Backup and Sync again, fixes duplication and non-ASCII characters issue

Things can go unnoticed when software products get frequent updates. But there’s no reason to worry, as we are always keeping a watch, at-least when it comes to Google products. Coming to the latest development, Google has silently pushed out a new update to Backup and Sync, bumping the application’s version from 3.36.6721.3394 to 3.36.6884.5911.

While doing our regular work, we stumbled upon a thread on the official Drive forum, where a Google employee announced the news by saying:

Please try the latest version of the product (updated today)


The announcement was to let users know that the company has fixed the Non-ASCII characters problem, which prevented the application from launching. The issue was already officially accepted, and a fixed was being worked on.

Affected users will be glad to know that the problem has now been fixed. Here’s what the same Google employee said at a different thread discussing the same issue:


The updated Backup and Sync version has not only fixed the aforementioned trouble, but the app’s duplication glitch as well, that we uncovered a few days back.

Basically, Backup and Sync (v3.36.6721.3394) was duplicating files inside folders and sub folders that were already synced using the version 3.35 of the application. And this was happening despite official claims that the duplication issue (in general) has been taken care of. Thankfully, this problem has also been fixed in the latest update.

You can download the latest Backup and Sync version by heading here.

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