Drive not working on macOS (High Sierra), Google says APFS support incoming [update: fixed]

We have also compiled a detailed list of Backup and Sync related existing issues. You can access the complete story here.

Update 2 (September 07):
For users complaining about Drive not working on macOS (High Sierra), APFS support is now available. You can either download Backup and Sync version 3.36 or give the already installed client time to auto-upgrade, something which should happen in a week.


Update (August 22):

Google’s employee disclosed that the next version (3.36) of Backup and Sync app supporting APFS will be out in ~3-4 weeks time (August 9)


Original Story below

Drive not working on macOS? You are not alone. As some of you might know, a recent update (High Sierra) to the macOS pushed by Apple made APFS the default file system (replacing HFS+). However, the update has broken Google Drive’s compatibility with the OS.

The problem came to notice on June 7, 2017, where a user disclosed on the official Drive forum that Drive isn’t working on their macOS. Since then, several users have reported the same problem. What’s more, some of them are even saying the issue affects Google’s newly-released Backup and Sync app as well.

Google has acknowledged the problem, saying AFPS support is currently missing for Drive. Here’s what exactly a company employee said on official forums:

“APFS support will be added in the next version”

Sadly, there was no word on exactly when the next version of the application will be released. Till then, to continue with Drive’s service, some users have suggested rolling back to macOS 10.12 Sierra as one of the workarounds. Others say:



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