Latest Google Photos update makes sure video replays are faster and don't consume data

Good news for users of Google Photos. Now you can replay videos stored on cloud without using any additional mobile data. This also means no more buffering while re-viewing already watched stuff.

Basically, the latest update of the Photos app (version 3.4) has incorporated caching for watched videos.


In layman’s terms, the already-viewed stuff will be kept in your device’s memory, from where it will be fetched again when you replay.

While that’s no doubt a good move (especially for users in countries where data is expensive and/or speed is slow), it brings spotlight on cache management. Sadly, there’s currently no information on if and what solutions have been implemented for management of cache.

In addition to the new cached videos feature, the update also brings along some performance-related improvements. The new version of the app can be downloaded from the Play store.

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