Good news for Gmail users who were complaining of the server forcibly disconnecting clients while accessing emails through Outlook. The issue seems fixed.

Recently, some users on the official Gmail forum reported of encountering an error message on Outlook stating ‘Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following: Please log in via your web browser:‘.

The following screenshot shared by a user shows the notification clearly.


IMAP, for those who aren’t aware, is an Internet standard protocol that enables reading messages from services like Gmail on custom email clients like Microsoft Outlook. But for the past couple of days, Gmail users were complaining about encountering an issue while accessing their mails through Outlook.

One of the affected user shared logs for their session, which indicated the connection disconnection from Gmail’s end.


Among other users complaining about the problem on official Gmail help forum, some said that the Outlook’s Gmail sign-in was not working for them, while some of them complained of the synchronization process throwing error (as can be seen in the screenshots shared by them).



With complaints pouring in, an expert on the forum addressed the users on August 30, saying:

“I am going to ask Google for help here”

and further noted:

“This has now been escalated to the Google engineers”

Though there is no official confirmation yet, it looks like the company has silently fixed the trouble. Reason being, the user who initiated the complaint recently updated that the issue has been fixed for him.

So, Gmail’s IMAP glitch reported by Outlook users appears to be fixed for some among the affected users. In case, you have been troubled by the aforementioned, keep a tab here, rest assured, we’ll keep you posted if the company officially calls it fixed.


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