How to check total count of pictures stored on Google Photos?

We all know that Google Photos is an app for storing, backing up, and organizing photos and videos. It offers some great features, but sometimes, you’ll notice that a basic feature isn’t easily accessible. Case in point: the total count of photos stored in Google Photos.

Have you ever thought of checking what’s the total number of pictures and videos that your Photos account holds? If so, here are two simple ways to check the aggregate:

a) A simple way is to go to Dashboard and check for the details under the Google Photos section.


However, with multiple users on the official forum complaining about the Google Photos section not showing up on their Dashboard, here comes another workaround:

b) Go to My account on Google and click on Account preferences.


Once in Account preferences, scroll down to Delete your account and services and select Delete account and data.


Don’t panic, this won’t delete everything right away. Rather, it will ask for your login password first to verify that its actually you.


Once you login successfully, it will take you to a separate Delete your Google Account page, which describes what all can be lost if you delete your account.


On the same page, scroll down to Google Photos. It will display the total count of images that you are about to lose (if only you proceed further).


Once you know the total number of pictures, scroll to the end of the page where it will ask for final confirmation before deleting your Google account. Here, either cancel deletion or close the tab.


Simple steps and now you know the total number of pictures on your Google Photos account.


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