Business users, are you listening? If you are using (or planning to use) Google’s new client app for Drive and Photos, there’s a serious problem with the application that we think you should be aware of. The issue is that Backup and Sync crashes while handling large number of files, throwing varying error messages, including D414D8CD9 (exceptions.MemoryError).

How many files, one might ask. Well, we don’t have an exact number, but based on what some affected users are reporting in official Google Drive forum, the number varies. Specifically, one of the users – who collected and shared some numbers – revealed that he observed the app crashing while handling 900k files in one case, and 1.4 million in other.

Basically, the user noted that Backup and Sync crashes when its RAM consumption hits, or goes beyond 4GB. This, he says, indicates the app is 32-bit, labeling it as the root cause of the whole issue.

Surprisingly, Google quickly acknowledged the issue, saying they are working on this aspect, promising an improved experience in the next version of the application. Here’s what a company employee said:

Thanks, we are looking at improving this. The next version should have more improvements, but will continue on optimizing the application for memory.

Sadly, the comment suggests there is no direct fix for this problem, and the company is only trying to improve the situation a bit. Also, there’s currently no information when the next Backup and Sync version will arrive.

Until then, the only workaround is to divide your files across multiple Google Drive accounts, and have them backed up on cloud. We know, this isn’t neat, and not even possible for everyone, but there’s nothing else you can do at the moment.

Oh, and yes, this is not the only issue plaguing the Backup and Sync app, head here to take a look at some of the major ones.


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