Here are some interesting facts about Google Drive that you may not be aware of:

20. Backup and Sync does not require any administrator access to run. (Source)

19. Backup and Sync v 3.39 has added support for network-attached storage (NAS) devices. (Source)

18. Backup and Sync’s version 3.37 supports multiple accounts (upto 3). (Source)

17. GSuite users can run both Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream simultaneously on the same system. Just login to one user in each application and run both at the same time. (Source)

16. Antivirus programs like Quick Heal can be the reason for Backup and Sync to have trouble connecting to Google’s servers, and throw errors (like the one displayed in the following screenshot). So turn it off to enjoy an uninterrupted service. (Source)


15. Drive backups will be deleted if the device remains inactive for more than two months (54 days to be precise), irrespective of whether you pay for the service or not. On not using the device for 2 weeks, an expiration date will start displaying below backup. (Source)

14. Transferring the ownership of a folder doesn’t transfer the ownership of sub folders or files inside the main folder. (Source 1 | Source 2)

13. Currently, only Android users can download a video uploaded on Drive. The feature is not available for iOS users. (Source)

12.Backup and Sync error code ‘B95C4F5F indicates the applications communication glitch with Google’s back-end servers (could be due to a proxy). (Source)

11.Currently, only Drive File Stream app (available through Early Adapter Program) supports Team Drives. Google Drive’s desktop app does not support Team Drives, as of now. (Source)

10. Currently, the Drive sync client doesn’t support network volumes (e.g. SMB or NFS) or other file systems. Hence, Backup and Sync app doesn’t feature the ability to sync stuff kept on network drives. (Source)

9. G Suite users can’t transfer photos directly from Google Drive to Google Photos. Reason being, currently the option for showing ‘Google Drive photos in Google Photos’ is supported for personal accounts only. (Source)

8. ‘Recover Storage’ does not include photos uploaded through Google Drive, i.e Photos and videos uploaded via Drive will not be changed to high quality by changing the settings. (Source)

7. Deleting stuff from Drive alone will not free storage space until the same is removed from Trash as well. Reason being, items in Trash count against storage quota. (Source 1 | Source 2)

6. Whenever you edit an Excel spreadsheet with Drive, it will not edit in the original file, but create a Google Sheets version (green sheets icon) that you’ll be editing, which inturn is in sync with the original Excel file. (Source)

5. ‘Google Photos folder’ created in Google Drive is merely a shortcut to pictures stored in Google Photos. Deleting pictures from ‘Google Photos folder’ will delete the it from Google Photos as well. But renaming the pictures in ‘Google Photos folder’ in Drive, will not reflect those changes to Google Photos or vice versa. (Source)

4. Drive’s rewarded space stays only for two years. (Source)

3. You can’t transfer ownership of a synced or uploaded Image and PDF file on Google Drive. Transfer ownership works only for Google Documents and Files like docs, sheets, sliders, forms, drawings, maps, and folders. (Source 1 | Source 2)

2. Drive users holding Consumer Google accounts, can transfer ownership of items that do not take space i.e Google Documents and folders, but not the uploaded files. Whereas, G Suite account holders can transfer ownership of uploaded files too. (Source)

1. Google Drive does not support RAW image format yet. For now it only supports .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .TIFF, .BMP (Source)

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