Google Photos’ quota exceeding bug

The quota exceeding issue where storage did not update despite successful compression on Google Photos has been resolved for the user who reported it. On June 28, 2017 he updated that

googlephotos-compression-storage issue

A major limitation with Google products is that the company gives its users a free storage space of 15 GB (in total) to access services like Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. So in case one of the services consumes a major part of the quota, others are left with limited storage. Lets say, if the Photos app eats up 10 GB, this limits rest of the apps to 5 GB. And when all 15GB gets consumed, you will have to free up some space in order to continue using these services.

An issue related to this storage quota limit has been troubling a user lately. As an expected behavior, due to Google Photos munching most of the storage limit, Drive started reflecting the exhausted quota to the user. Adding to it, Gmail service inhibited them from sending emails. The actual trouble dropped in when despite clearing up stuff on Google Photos, deleting photos from Drive as well as emptying Trash (both Drive and Photos), Drive reflected no quota-related change and Gmail continued to block them from sending emails. Even disabling Photos integration with Drive did not help.

The issue was first reported on June 21, 2017. In order to access more storage, the user changed the setting from Original to High quality. On June 27th, an expert on the official Photos forum pointed out

But that didn’t help – Photos did not refresh the storage space in Drive. Furthermore, he deleted 99% of pictures from Google Photos to gain more space. Despite freeing up storage, Google Drive showed same storage information.

Following screenshots shared by the user clears the picture:

The bug was acknowledged by a top contributor of Google Forums on June 23, 2017. In fact, he said the issue has been resolved.

“I have been advised that this bug has now been fixed, but it may still take some time for the ‘recover storage’ to be complete”.

However, a quick look into the relevant thread of Google Photos forums reveals that, in spite of Google’s claimed fix the problem continues to bother the user.


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